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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twitter, Foodies & Fun

I like Twitter a lot. I get all kinds of great info about photography, event planning, and, of course, ideas for kitchen experiments from it.

At some point, I connected with Melo, a funny and vibrant tweeter who is committed to eating 5 full servings of fruits and vegetables every day. I asked her how she managed this, since this lifestyle would severely cut into my egg roll obsession.

What, you didn't know I like egg rolls? Okay yeah, I admit it. Jack in the Box has great fried egg rolls. Yes, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to die of a heart attack because of this habit. But I am not ashamed!

One of these days I'll learn to make them myself. Till then, thank god for Jack in the Box. Nom nom nom.

So back to the point: instead of tweeting me back an answer, Melo wrote me an entire blog post. It's awesome. She is, in fact, enabling my obsession. Which I appreciate.

All kidding aside, I didn't know this was a movement. The whole reason behind my kitchen experimentation was to become more conscious of what I put in my mouth, so I can totally get behind this. With that, I'd like to thank Melo for turning me on to something new. In your honor, I ate a cutie, watermelon, half an apple, some fennel, and carrots today. Almost 5 full servings. Aren't you proud?

I know you are.

1 comment:

Alexandra Scarborough (Sasha) said...

Cool! I'm gonna try to do better on this, too. I don't eat enough veggies. Too much bread.

My guilty pleasure is breakfast from Del Taco. So I feel your egg roll shame! :)