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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oysters Two Ways

Another four days doing this damn elimination experiment and I can go back to drinking and smoking and...well, I don't actually smoke. But drinking, yes. And eating CHEESE!

But first, more fish. Or, oysters. Which are great raw. I truly love raw oysters. And I have been known to pay far too much money in one sitting to have someone else clean, shuck, and serve them to me. Because how else am I supposed to enjoy two dozen oysters all to myself?

My parents, who are exceptionally awesome, bought me my own shucking knife. But shucking oysters is time consuming. I know this, because it took my dad and I way too long to shuck a dozen. And we ate them far too quickly. But they sure were delicious.

So when I discovered that you can get them smoked in a can, kind of like Prince Albert (another tobacco joke! I'm on a roll...), I was intrigued.

But what does one do with a tin of oily oysters? Well, the exact same thing you do with raw ones: smother them in lemon juice, horseradish, and cocktail sauce. Or if you're like my family, you trade out the cocktail sauce for sriracha or some other pique (pronounced pee-ke).

And then you go to town. Mmmm.

Yeah, they look like weird, oily creatures. Or, if you're squinting, like dates. But they're good. 

And that's what I need to get through the next four days.

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