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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy National De-Lurking Day!

It's National De-Lurking Day! The one day a year where passive readers (aka "lurkers") come out of hiding, see their shadows, and leave a message to say...something.

"Hi, I like your blog."

"Hi, I really like your blog."

"Hi, your blog is neat."

"Hi, um...hi."

It doesn't have to be anything poetic, or even deep. I mean, I'd prefer if it was nice and low in profanity, but fans are fans. They come in all shapes and colors. Just say hello. Or buenos dias. Or γειά σου.

If you want to say more than hello, that's okay too. What's your favorite G+F moment? What do you want to see more of? Less of? Do you like celery and can you convince me to eat it—not in a cocktail? Speaking of alcohol at 10 am, do you like whiskey? (I do.) Gin? (Yup, that too.) Martinis with vodka (the horror!)? Do you want to make me a drink? (Yes, please. What? It's happy hour somewhere...)

If you come offering scotch, I might fall in love with you. Consider it a warning. Especially if it's the 18 year old single malt variety. *shivers*

For more info on today's internet celebration (or meme? What's the correct term?), check out BlogHer.

So, hi!


Mumblemumble said...

Hi. I'm delurking. I always read. :)

Favorite Girl + Fire Item = A Martini. Made with GIN! Duh!

Favorite Girl + Fire Moment = Suggesting we start drinking at 10 am! Does Bailey's in my morning coffee count?

I heart me the fiery girl! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

ok ok you caught a lurker... ::blush::

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of G+F.
I love it when you do the quick-fix appetizers/meals. When I get hungry, I don't want to wait an hour before I can actually eat the food I like.

Also, just to be contrary, I love martinis with vodka. Extra dirty, extra olives, and extra yummy.

Paulette said...

Yay! Fans!! Nice ones!!!

And while Mumble Mumble is a close personal friend (thanks for the continued support, love) and TheDallas is a twitter friend, I do not yet have the pleasure of knowing YOU Blonder Than You. But I like what you have going on over on your blog. Nice read.

Thanks everyone for having the guts to say hi. And to everyone else who continues lurking, well I appreciate you being here, too. Even if you want to remain invisible!

OakMonster said...

Whoop. I didn't come by you. And remember to credit the creator of Delurking Day:! :)