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Monday, December 5, 2011

Exploring Costa Rica: Pura Vida! Part I

I love air travel. Yes, it's a huge pain having to go through security, and risking a TSA strip search, and not being able to open your duty-free alcohol right away. Oh, and the screaming babies! But I still love it. Planes fascinate me.

Day 1 of the trip to Costa Rica actually started in a fascinating metal bird, somewhere in the midnight airspace between Los Angeles and Miami. The trip from Miami to Costa Rica is only about 2 hours long, but the transcontinental flight between the left and right American coasts is best done on a red eye. It's so very long, and good for sleeping the night away.

This part of the trip is notable because it perfectly illustrated the philosophy that would define our entire time away: we were on vacation, enjoy it and drink up. The two men with us are huge bourbon fans, which meant we were instant friends. If you've been around the Girl + Fire playground for any length of time, you can educate a guess what whiskey + vacation means.

Waking up in Miami meant breakfast in Miami. And because of the holy vacation philosophy, what we were looking for at 6 am was not just any eatery, but one with a full bar. Miami International Airport knows how to deliver. At that time of the morning, the only restaurant/bar open was the one right next to our gate.

Airport breakfast:

This was brunch on a Sunday morning. Even though my body wanted to believe it was only 3 am, the sun was coming up quickly over the Atlantic. And, I was on vacation. The philosophy cannot be fought against.

There may have also been an egg croissant with bacon, then Cuban coffee to wash it all down with. But I don't remember, since I immediately fell asleep again after eating. And then I woke up in Costa Rica. That was a cool trick.

I love air travel.

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